sound lab | research

ongoing projects

audicle | on-the-fly, smart audio programming environ/mentality

chuck | concurrent, on-the-fly audio programming language

controllers | S, M, L, XL

gigapop | network concert between McGill and Princeton (NIME03)

gretchen | sound/video installation

marsyas | large-scale audio synthesis and analysis library

mosievius | real-time feature-based audio mosaicing

on-the-fly programming | using code for runtime expressive control

phism | physically inspired sonic modeling

plork | (the completely insane) princeton laptop orchestra

physical modeling | mucho stuff

s.m.e.l.t. (new!) | building instruments from physical capabilities of the laptop

smirk (new!) | on-the-fly music information retrieval in ChucK

sndtools | real-time audio dsp and 3d visualization

spasm | a synthetic vocal tract model

stk | synthesis toolkit : c++ library for synthesis

tangible sequencer (new!) | hands-on music sequencing

tapestrea (new!) | techniques for audio analysis/transformation/synthesis

wekinator (new!) | on-the-fly machine learning using weka and ChucK, for controller mapping and synthesis exploration

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