MoSievius : A System for Interactive Audio Mosaicing

ari lazier and perry cook
version: 1.0

Description : Mosievius is a system to create audio mosaics in real time. It is mainly designed to allow interactive target specification as well as interactive source selection during the mosaicing process. Interactive source selection is achived with the use of the Sound Sieve, a new concept used to isolate segments of sound which exhibit specific qualities. Instead of implementing one particular mosaicing techinique, mosievius provides the tools needed to implement any number of different mosaicing schemes. For further information, please refer to MoSievius: Feature Driven Interactive Audio Mosaicing which was presented at DAFX 2003 in London.


The Mosievius Framework
A set of c++ classes for interactive audio mosaicing. Works on linux, OSX, and on windows under cygwin. src | examples

An audio enabled version of Awk used for the rapid prototyping of mosaicing algorithms. src

Sieve Graphical Controller
A Mac OSX application which gives graphical over the Sound Sieve. src | app

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