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[SND]80 Linear vs. Nonlinear Membranes.mp32022-09-30 12:41 706K 
[SND]79 Linear vs. Nonlinear String Sounds.mp32022-09-30 12:41 726K 
[SND]78 Distance vs. Effort.mp32022-09-30 12:41 669K 
[SND]77 Phone, Bell to three voices.mp32022-09-30 12:41 472K 
[SND]76 G, B, D, but different vibratos.mp32022-09-30 12:41 474K 
[SND]75 Same as 73, on D.mp32022-09-30 12:41 475K 
[SND]74 Same as 73, on B.mp32022-09-30 12:41 471K 
[SND]73 G sine, harmonics, vibrato.mp32022-09-30 12:41 472K 
[SND]72 Periodic_Quasiperiodic.mp32022-09-30 12:41 368K 
[SND]71 Normal_Abnormal Articulations.mp32022-09-30 12:41 1.2M 
[SND]70 Synthesized Singer.mp32022-09-30 12:41 261K 
[SND]69 Final Probetone Example.mp32022-09-30 12:41 641K 
[SND]68 Gamelon Orchestra Examples.mp32022-09-30 12:41 858K 
[SND]67 Equalized Scale.mp32022-09-30 12:41 177K 
[SND]66 Stretched Scales.mp32022-09-30 12:41 415K 
[SND]65 Musical Probe Tone Studies.mp32022-09-30 12:41 877K 
[SND]64 Diatonic Probe Tone Studies.mp32022-09-30 12:40 358K 
[SND]63 Categorical Wren Warbling.mp32022-09-30 12:40 455K 
[SND]62 Pierce Scale Examples.mp32022-09-30 12:40 1.9M 
[SND]61 C Major Tempered Triads.mp32022-09-30 12:40 674K 
[SND]60 Triad Beatings.mp32022-09-30 12:40 431K 
[SND]59 Sine vs. Complex Intervals.mp32022-09-30 12:40 604K 
[SND]58 Stretched Scale_Partials.mp32022-09-30 12:40 823K 
[SND]57 More Shepard Examples.mp32022-09-30 12:40 1.3M 
[SND]56 Tempo Illusions.mp32022-09-30 12:40 1.6M 
[SND]55 Original Shepard Tones.mp32022-09-30 12:40 1.2M 
[SND]54 Risset's Ever-Rising Glissandi.mp32022-09-30 12:40 1.1M 
[SND]53 Scrambled_Stretched Melodies.mp32022-09-30 12:39 2.2M 
[SND]52 Shepard Tone Paradox.mp32022-09-30 12:39 439K 
[SND]51 Height Only (pitch).mp32022-09-30 12:39 1.2M 
[SND]50 Risset-like Tones.mp32022-09-30 12:39 713K 
[SND]49 Mel Scale Music.mp32022-09-30 12:38 1.1M 
[SND]48 Equal Mel Scale Steps.mp32022-09-30 12:38 760K 
[SND]47 Even More Silences in Speech.mp32022-09-30 12:38 184K 
[SND]46 More Silence in Speech.mp32022-09-30 12:38 430K 
[SND]45 Reasonable vs. Rediculous Speech.mp32022-09-30 12:38 356K 
[SND]44 Silence in Speech.mp32022-09-30 12:38 376K 
[SND]43 Ambiguous Speech Sounds.mp32022-09-30 12:38 190K 
[SND]42 Singer's Formant.mp32022-09-30 12:38 360K 
[SND]41 Flanging.mp32022-09-30 12:38 1.2M 
[SND]40 Norm, Emph. Sine Vowels.mp32022-09-30 12:37 576K 
[SND]39 (Un)Reasonable Vocal Tract Shapes.mp32022-09-30 12:37 294K 
[SND]38 Pitch_Formant_Head-size Shift.mp32022-09-30 12:37 278K 
[SND]37 Musical Interleaved Melodies.mp32022-09-30 12:37 1.2M 
[SND]36 Wessel Loops.mp32022-09-30 12:37 582K 
[SND]35 Warren Loop.mp32022-09-30 12:37 659K 
[SND]34 Interleaved Melodies.mp32022-09-30 12:37 2.8M 
[SND]33 Apparent Motion, Yodeling.mp32022-09-30 12:37 612K 
[SND]32 Segregation Examples.mp32022-09-30 12:37 1.6M 
[SND]31 Grouping by Timbral Similarity.mp32022-09-30 12:37 492K 
[SND]30 Source_Filter Consonants.mp32022-09-30 12:37 377K 
[SND]29 Vocal Effort Spectral Tilt.mp32022-09-30 12:37 706K 
[SND]28 Source-Filter Voice Model.mp32022-09-30 12:37 465K 
[SND]27 Gaussian Pulse Trains.mp32022-09-30 12:37 874K 
[SND]26 Binaural Jangling Keys.mp32022-09-30 12:36 399K 
[SND]25 Reverberation.mp32022-09-30 12:36 1.2M 
[SND]24 Binaural Sines Plus Noise.mp32022-09-30 12:36 399K 
[SND]23 Precedence Effect.mp32022-09-30 12:36 958K 
[SND]22 The Cocktail Party Effect.mp32022-09-30 12:36 802K 
[SND]21 Violin Without_With Body.mp32022-09-30 12:36 330K 
[SND]20 Holy Tones.mp32022-09-30 12:36 790K 
[SND]19 Rolloffs.mp32022-09-30 12:36 257K 
[SND]18 Complex Sounds Loudness.mp32022-09-30 12:36 176K 
[SND]17 Twice Louder.mp32022-09-30 12:36 221K 
[SND]16 Equal Loudness.mp32022-09-30 12:36 735K 
[SND]15 All vs. Odd Harmonics.mp32022-09-30 12:36 389K 
[SND]14 Tonebursts.mp32022-09-30 12:36 562K 
[SND]13 Wiggly Waveforms.mp32022-09-30 12:36 729K 
[SND]12 Multi-Period Tone Bursts.mp32022-09-30 12:36 575K 
[SND]11 Adding Harmonic Partials.mp32022-09-30 12:36 675K 
[SND]10 Bright_Dull Spectra.mp32022-09-30 12:36 288K 
[SND]09 Phase Vocoder Examples.mp32022-09-30 12:36 427K 
[SND]08 Waveforms w_ Different Phases.mp32022-09-30 12:36 732K 
[SND]07 Building Sawtooth by Harmonics.mp32022-09-30 12:36 819K 
[SND]06 McAdams Common Fate.mp32022-09-30 12:36 300K 
[SND]05 Bregman Perceptual Completion.mp32022-09-30 12:36 1.2M 
[SND]04 Temporal Inversion.mp32022-09-30 12:36 1.2M 
[SND]03 High Sines Mask_Low Sines Mask.mp32022-09-30 12:36 590K 
[SND]02 Risset's Musical Beats.mp32022-09-30 12:36 966K 
[SND]01 Beats Equal Amp. Sines.mp32022-09-30 12:36 329K