Human Computer Interface Technology

Input Controllers: Serial and MIDI
October 9, 2002

*Copyright 1996-2002,
Perry R. Cook,
Princeton University

I. Theremin Demo

  • How does this instrument/controller work?
  • Why does it sound like a voice?
  • What's wrong with the way it works?
  • What does it have to do with computing?


III. Other Serial Protocols

IV. MIDI continued, Extensions

V. MIDI continued, Standard Sensors

Standard Controllers on MIDI Keyboards:

  • Wheels, Sliders, Aftertouch, Switches, Pedals
  • Ribbons, Joysticks, Breath Input, Other?

VI. Wierd MIDI and Other Controllers:

Either Based on Standard Instrument Paradigms:

VIb. Other Controllers continued:

Non-Standard Instrument Paradigms:

VII. Specific Design Case: A Wind Controller

A Clarinet must sense:

Non-Web References:

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